Boating in Periyar

Thekkady boating

Thekkady boating

Enjoy boating along the scenic Periyar lake and experience its vast calmness .The stark, skeletal remains of the trees that protrude from its waters give the area a primeval look. The mists that swirl ethereally over the water in the early morning heighten this impression. The scenic Periyar Lake in the middle of the sanctuary is a great place for boating and watching the elephants frolic.

The lake is surrounded by the lush greenery of the Periyar wildlife sanctuary. The cruise is unique for its one among the few in the world that offers such close sight of wildlife. The lake is an artificial one formed after the building of Mullaperiyar dam across Periyar (the second longest river in the state) and Mulllayar rivers. More than 30 species of fish are found in the lake. River Otter, the only mammal in the lake, can very often be seen along a ride. Boating is conducted by the state forest department and the Kerala Tourism Development Corporation.

One can see the wild animals along the shore of the lake bathing, drinking, resting and foraging. Also it is a rare experience to go deep into the forest. Time: 7.30am, 9.30am, 11.15am, 1.45pm & 3.30pm. The ride is for 90 minutes. There are two departments of Kerala operating the boat safari i.e Forest and KTDC.

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