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Ayurthejus Massage & Healing Therapies in Rangerwood Nature Castle..

Ayurthejus, at Ranger Wood Nature Castle Thekkady,invites you to enjoy the beauty of nature,woods and hiils,cupped with relaxation massages and healing therapies of Ayurveda in its purest form.

Ayurveda is the science of life.Ayur and veda are two Sanskrit words.Ayur=Life Veda=Knowledge.Ayurveda means knowledge of life.The Indian science of life Ayurveda is considered to have a divine origin.It is believed as a direct gift of God which came from heaven to earth through sages who spend their lives in meditation and prayers.Its fundamentals and the applications are having a very scientific base which stands uncompetent even today.Ayurveda is a science of life which helps a healthy man to stay healthy and an unfit or diseased man to regain heath.Self realisation will lead one to the way and style of Ayurveda the Indian science of life.

Basic concepts and Principles of Ayurveda
Life of a man in his perishable body is the union of body,mind and soul.Body consists of thridoshas(three doshas) Vatha,Pitta and Kapha, a combination of five basic elements Akasham,Vayu,Agni,Jalam and Bhoomi(space,air,fire,water and earth). Vatha=Akasham+Vayu,Pitta=Agni,Kapha=Jalam+Bhoomi.A balanced combination of the three doshas is essential for a state which maintains the health.Any imbalance among the thridoshas causes unhealthiness or diseases.According to Ayurveda an imbalance of doshas can be cured by Pancha Karmas.

Pancha Karmas
The most important treatments for balancing thri doshas are the Pancha Karmas. Pancha=five and Karma=therapies.Pancha Karmas are the five basic cleaning therapies intended to balance the doshas and to rejuvenate the body.This need to be done only if the imbalance is slight,it can be cleared by other therapies.

Kalari Chikitsa (Kerala Kalari Therapies)
Kalari payatu is the traditional martial art of Kerala.During the practice and fight,people get injured.A special system of massage and healing therapies were developed by the Guruparambara for the healing ailments and for better flexibility.Gradually this treatment became very popular.The massage in this system are very relaxing and rejuvenating There are three types of Kalari massages namely Sukha thirummu,Rakshathirummu and Kacha thirummu.Sukha thirummu general massage for relaxation,rejuvenation and increasing flexibility.Raksha thirummu massage for ailments and Kacha thirummu massage for foot.

Therapies Kalari Massage
This is a very ancient and scientific healing therapy of Kerala.This is done in anuloma and prathiloma directions.This is a treatment for ailments as well as a relaxation and rejuvenation massage.It helps to cure muscular pains and back pains.This Massage helps to relax the mind and body.

This is a traditional Ayurvedic massage done in Anuloma direction.This is done as massage and as a poorva karma.This is done in seven positions.

This is process of letting lukewarm herbal oil dripping on forehead from a particulars height in a particular rhythm from a suspended vessel above the head.This can be done as a single session or as a course for days.This is done mainly for Insomnia, mental stress and problems related to head and brain.This rejuvenates the nerves increases the blood circulation of head and brain and also helps to have better vision, hearing and also clears the nasal problems.

This is powder massage done with special herbal powder.This is a rubbing massage and it helps to reduce obesity,removes toxins of skin and helps proper sweat secretion.

Herbal steam bath
After massage the person is made ready for a steam bath in a traditional scientific herbal steam chamber.When massaged the oil will go into the hair follicles and lubricate the toxins inside.a steam bath after the massage will open up all small pores of the skin and will eject toxins through the skin.This is a skin care therapy which helps the skin to glow more.

Kizhi is an application of medicinal bags or balls heated and used on body to reduce pain and eradicate inflammations.This is generally done after a general body massage.These bags are generally heated by dipping in hot medicinal oil.

  Kalari therapy (shirodhara with steam) 100 minutes 2000.
  Kerala Rejuvenation therapy (with shirodhara) 90 minutes 1800
  Abhyangam therapy (with steam bath) 80 minutes 1500
  Marma therapy (with steam bath) 60 minutes 1000
  General body (without head & face) Kids Special 40 minutes 600

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