Multi cuisine restaurants in thekkady 

Rangerwood nature castle, Thekkady offers an exemplary multi cuisine restaurant to savor the traditional tastes of Kerala and South-Indian food in addition to Continental, Chinese & North Indian dishes. We provide both vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes maintaining separate hygienic kitchens for the preparation of both. Special attention is paid to maintain the freshness and cleanliness of the dishes we serve. We also cater special dishes, provided it is done at the time of booking.

Feast on Kerala food! Exotically flavored, Kerala food is our specialty. There is a vast number of dishes to choose from. Kerala meals include white boiled rice with side curries like 'thoran', 'kalan', 'pachadi', 'olen' or 'avial'; and major curries as 'sambhar' or 'moru' . A crispy, crunchy 'pappadam' is served alongside to add completion to the meal. It is served on tender green banana leaf.

If you wish for something spicier, you can choose to have pulao, biriyani or pilaff with additional curries. For breakfast, there is 'puttu', which is white rice flour dough steamed in a bamboo stalk served with 'kadala' or 'peas' curry. Another hot favorite is 'Idli' and 'dosa'. We also deliver Kerala's much-coveted 'kappa' (tapioca) with spicy red-chilly fish or mutton curry.

At Rangerwood Nature castle, Thekkady, everything is set according to the preference of our valuable guests. Depending upon their choices we create a customized menu for each day. For those who would like to taste varieties of dishes available, we provide them with buffet options for lunch and dinner. For others, orders are taken according to their food interests and served either in their rooms or at the Rangerwood restaurant.

Come and enjoy the warm delicacies of ethnic & traditional Kerala dishes during your pleasant stay with us. A million delights await you at Rangerwood Nature Castle!